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  1. The importance of biobanking in molecular taxonomy, with proposed definitions for vouchers in a molecular context
    Astrin, J. J.*, X. Zhou, and B. Misof
    2013. In: de Meyer M, Jordaens K, Nagy ZT, Backeljau T (Eds) DNA barcoding: a practical tool for fundamental and applied biodiversity research. Zookeys 365: 67-70.


  2. Suggestions for a molecular biodiversity assessment of South East Asian freshwater invertebrates. Lessons from the megadiverse beetles (Colecoptera)
    Balke, M.*, L. Hendrich, E. F. A. Toussaint, X. Zhou, T. von Rintelen, and M. de Bruyn
    2013. Journal of Limnology 72(s2): 61-68.


  3. Metabarcoding技术在植物鉴定和多样性研究中的应用
    2013。植物分类与资源学报 35(6): 769-773。


  4. Eupolybothrus cavernicolus Komerički & Stoev sp. n. (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae): the first eukaryotic species description combining transcriptomic, DNA barcoding and micro-CT imaging data
    Stoev, P.*, A. Komerički, N. Akkari, S. Liu, X. Zhou, A. Weigand, J. Hostens, C. Hunter, S. Edmunds, D. Porco, M. Zapparoli, T. Georgiev, D. Mietchen, D. Roberts, S. Faulwetter, V. Smith, and L. Penev
    2013. Biodiversity Data Journal 1: e1013.


  5. SOAPBarcode: revealing arthropod biodiversity through assembly of Illumina shotgun sequences of PCR amplicons
    Liu, S., Y. Li, J. Lu, X. Su, M. Tang, R. Zhang, L. Zhou, C. Zhou, Q. Yang, Y. Ji, D. W. Yu, and X. Zhou*
    2013. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4: 1142-1150.


  6. The i5K Initiative: advancing arthropod genomics for knowledge, human Health, agriculture and the environment
    i5K Consortium (Evans, J. D.*, S. J. Brown, K. J. Hackett, G. Robinson, S. Richards, D. Lawson, C. Elsik, J. Coddington, O. Edwards, S. Emrich, T. Gabaldon, M. Goldsmith, G. Hanes, B. Misof, M. Muñoz-Torres, O. Niehuis, A. Papanicolaou, M. Pfrender, M. Poelchau, M. Purcell-Miramontes, H. M. Robertson, O. Ryder, D. Tagu, T. Torres, E. Zdobnov, G. Zhang, and X. Zhou)
    2013. Journal of Heredity 104(5): 595-600.

    Cover Story


  7. Ultra-deep sequencing enables high-fidelity recovery of biodiversity for bulk arthropod samples without PCR amplification
    Zhou, X.*, Y. Li, S. Liu, Q. Yang, X. Su, L. Zhou, M. Tang, R. Fu, J. Li, and Q. Huang
    2013. GigaScience 2:4. 

    TheScientist, GigaBlog, Phys.Org​, GigaScience Editorial


  8. DNA barcoding facilitates associations and diagnoses for Trichoptera larvae of the Churchill (Manitoba, Canada) area
    Ruiter, D. E., E. E. Boyle, and X. Zhou*
    2013. BMC Ecology 13:5.


  9. A heterozygous moth genome provides insights into herbivory and detoxification
    You, M.#*, Z. Yue#, W. He#, X. Yang#*, G. Yang#, M. Xie#, D. Zhan, S. W. Baxter, L. Vasseur, G. M. Gurr, C. J. Douglas, J. Bai, P. Wang, K. Cui, S. Huang, X. Li, Q. Zhou, Z. Wu, Q. Chen, C. Liu, B. Wang, X. Li, X. Xu, C. Lu, M. Hu, J. W. Davey, S. M. Smith, M. Chen, X. Xia, W. Tang, F. Ke, D. Zheng, Y. Hu, F. Song, Y. You, X. Ma, L. Peng, Y. Zheng, Y. Liang, Y. Chen, L. Yu, Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, G. Li, L. Fang, J. Li, X. Zhou, Y. Luo, C. Gou, J. Wang, J. Wang, H. Yang, J. Wang*
    2013. Nature Genetics 45(2): 220-225.


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