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The Zhou lab, China Agricultural University


Our team

Zhou started the current team at China Agricultural University in 2016. Young scientists and students joined with varied academic backgrounds, learning new knowledge while contributing to the common goal. 

Faculty and Staff
Xin Zhou

Ph.D., Professor


Xin Zhou received his PhD in Entomology at Rutgers University, USA and worked as a postdoc researcher at Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, University of Guelph, Canada. Before joining China Agricultural University, Zhou worked at the BGI for 6 years, as the Executive Director of the China National GeneBank. Zhou is now a Professor at the Department of Entomology, China Agricultural University and a senior PI at Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Food Nutrition and Human Health, National Engineer and Technology Research Center for Fruit and Vegetable Processing. Read more...

Shiqi Luo

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Shiqi Luo received her PhD in Zoology at Peking University in 2013 and worked as a postdoc researcher at Peking University for three years. Her research interests are population and evolutionary genomics. Her PhD project was thermal adaptation in the Glanville fritillary butterfly, and her postdoc project focused on evolution of small RNAs (PIWI-interacting RNA, tRNA-derived small RNAs etc.) in Drosophila. Luo is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Entomology and a junior PI at Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Food Nutrition and Human Health. Read more...

Xue Zhang

Ph.D., Principle Investigator

Yongkun Ji

Ph.D., PostDoc


Yongkun Ji received his PhD in Nanjing Normal University. Ji is now a postdoc in the Zhou lab. His primary research is focused on population genomics of the Chinese honeybees.

Shanlin Liu

Ph.D., PostDoc


Shanlin Liu finished his Ph.D. at Copenhagen University working on conservation genomics - his Ph.D. thesis studied the genomics of saola. Before his time in Denmark, Shanlin has spent five years in BGI-research and has led or participated in the development of several assembly software, including SOAPBarcode, SOAPDenovo_Trans, and MitoZ. Also, Shanlin has played an important role in the 1KITE (1,000 Insect Transcriptome Evolution) project which aims to study the transcriptomes of more than 1,000 insect species encompassing all recognized insect orders so as to infer robust phylogenetic backbone trees of insects.

Shuyi Zhang
Research Associate


Shuyi Zhang graduated from the College of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University. Shuyi conducted her graduate thesis in Zhou’s Lab, trying to understand the correlation of pollination function and pollen consumption in honeybees.

Wenli Wu
Research Associate


Wenli Wu graduated from the College of Animal Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University. Wu is now a Research Associate in the Zhou lab.

Chenyi Li

Ph. D. student


Chenyi Li received her Master degree in Food Engineering at Northwest A&F University, China. Li is a PhD student working on gut symbiosis of Apis spp.

Qinzhi Su

Ph. D. student


Qinzhi Su received her Master degree in Biological Engineering at Tianjin University of Science and Technology in 2016. Su is now a PhD student in Zhou lab focusing on gut microbiota of Apis cerana.

Chengfeng Yang

Ph. D. student


Chengfeng Yang received her Master degree in the College of Food Science, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and carried out research on functional food of diabetes and synthesis of functional oligosaccharide. 

Lizhen Guo

Ph. D. student


Lizhen Guo graduated from Northeast Agricultural University , with a major in Food  Quality and Safety. Guo recently completed her Master degree at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University. She is developing a new pipeline to effectively screen  antimicrobial peptides from insect transcriptomes.

Min Tang

Ph. D. student, Research Associate


Min Tang graduated from Central South University, China, with a master degree in bioengineering. Tang worked at BGI for 5 years as a bioinformatics analyst, and mainly studied on genomics and biodiversity. Her previous research includes developments of new technologies in effective assembling of mitochondrial genomes and mito-genome skimming. Tang is now a research associate in Zhou's group and recently enrolled as a Ph.D. student.

Junbo Tang

Ph. D. student


I got my Bachelor degree in China Pharmaceutical University and Master degree in Nanjing Medical University, with a major in genetics. I am interested in understanding genetic mechanisms using genetics tools including gene editing technologies. I am very glad to join the Zhou lab to study honeybees. By the way, I wish I could be a cat in my next life.

Benfeng Han

Ph. D. student


Benfeng Han received her Master degree in plant protection at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Han will become a PhD student in Zhou lab and work on gut microbiota of honeybees. She is interested in photography, finding beautiful scenery.

Yating Du

Ph.D. student


After completing her Master degree at Zhou's lab in 2019, Yating continued to pursue a Ph.D. with Zhou, with a primary interest on molecular interactions between honeybee host and their gut microbe. 

Lifei Qiu

Ph. D. student


Lifei Qiu received his Master degree in Shaanxi Normal University. Lifei has extensive experience in field work, especially at collecting. He is working on evolutionary genomics of Apis.

Jiangxing Dong

Ph. D. student


Jiangxing Dong  graduated from Henan Normal University and received  a Master degree in the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Then he worked at Novogene for 1 year as a bioinformatics analyst, where he mainly studied fish  genomics. Dong is now a PhD student in the Zhou lab.

Jiahui Hu

Master student


Jiahui Hu recently graduated from the College of Plant Protection , China Agricultural University. Hu is interested in insect taxonomy and evolutionary biology, currently working on pollination network of Asian honeybees.

Jiaming Liu

Master student


Jiaming Liu graduated from Northeast Agricultural University, with a major in Plant Protection. He joined the Zhou lab with an interest in the honeybeegut microbiota.

Bingxin Zhang

Master student


Bingxin Zhang graduated from Jiangxi Agricultural University, with a bachelor's degree in Plant Protection. Zhang will become a postgraduate in the Zhou lab working on gut microbiota of the honey bees.

Zhunan Zhao

Master student


Zhunan Zhao graduated from the College of Biological Sciences,China Agricultural University. Zhao is now a master student working in the Zhou lab with an interest in pollination ecology.

Ran Liu

Undergraduate student


Ran Liu is an undergraduate student from College of Biological Sciences,China Agricultural University.She is working on a new type of Enterococcus in Apis mellifera . Her project focuses on the morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics and genomic sequencing analysis of Enterococcus.

Boxuan Wang

Undergraduate student


Boxuan Wang is an undergraduate student from the College of Animal Science,China Agricultural University. He is conducting a URP project at the Zhou lab and crazy about the viral ecology of


Yuxue Li

Technician, 2017

Lifei Qiu

Research Associate, 2018-2019

Now: Ph.D. student at Zhou lab, CAU

Lizhen Guo

Ms. student, 2016-2017

Now: Ph.D. student at Zhou lab, CAU

Dandan Lang

Ms. student, 2016-2019

Now: Grandomics, Beijing

Jiqiu Wu

Undergraduate student

URP and under graduate thesis, 2017-2018

​Now: Ms. student at Imperial College

Jieni Wang

Undergraduate student

Under graduate thesis, 2018

Now: Ms. student at Zheng lab, CAU

Shuyi Zhang

Undergraduate student

Under graduate thesis, 2019

Now: Research Assoc. at Zhou lab, CAU

Yating Du

Ms. student, 2017-2019

Now: Ph.D. student at Zhou lab, CAU

Wenjun Zhang

Ms. student, 2017-2019

Xinyue Wang

Undergraduate student

URP, 2018

Si Li

Undergraduate student

Under graduate thesis, 2019

Yuankang Guo

Undergraduate student

URP, 2019

Ran Li

Undergraduate student

URP, 2019

Xinmi Song

Research Associate, 2018-2019

Now: Ph.D. student at Huazhong Agricultural University