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  1. Phylogenomics and the evolution of hemipteroid insects
    Johnson, K. P.*, C. H. Dietrich, F. Friedrich, R. G. Beutel, B. Wipfler, R. S. Peters, J. M. Allen, M. Petersen, A. Donath, K. K. O. Walden, A. M. Kozlov, L. Podsiadlowski, C. Mayer, K. Meusemann, A. Vasilikopoulos, R. M. Waterhouse, S. L. Cameron, C. Weirauch, D. R. Swanson, D. M. Percy, N. B. Hardy, I. Terry, S. Liu, X. Zhou, B. Misof, H. M. Robertson, and K. Yoshizawa
    2018. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(50): 12775-12780.



  2. The genome of an underwater architect, the caddisfly Stenopsyche tienmushanensis Hwang (Insecta: Trichoptera)
    Luo, S., M. Tang, P. B. Frandsen, R. J. Stewart, and X. Zhou*
    2018. GigaScience 7(12):giy143.



  3. Anchored phylogenomics unravels the evolution of spider flies (Diptera, Acroceridae) and reveals discordance between nucleotides and amino acids
    Gillung, J. P., S. L. Winterton, K. M. Bayless, Z. Khouri, M. L. Borowiec, D. Yeates, L. S. Kimsey, B. Misof, S. Shin, X. Zhou, C. Mayer, M. Petersen, and B. M. Wiegmann
    2018. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 128: 233-245.


  4. 传粉网络构建的定性定量分子研究:应用与展望
    2018。生物多样性 26(5): 445-456。

    Cover Story


  5. 蜜蜂肠道微生物群落研究进展
    2018。微生物学报 58(6): 1016-1024。
    Cover Story


  6. Functional characterization of the Hyles euphorbiae hawkmoth transcriptome reveals strong expression of phorbol ester detoxification and seasonal cold hardiness genes
    Barth, M. B., K. Buchwalder, A. Y. Kawahara, X. Zhou, S. Liu, N. Krezdorn, B. Rotter, R. Horres, and A. K. Hundsdoerfer*
    2018. Frontiers in Zoology 15:20.


  7. Performance of amplicon and shotgun sequencing for accurate biomass estimation in invertebrate community samples
    Bista, I.*, G. R. Carvalho, M. Tang, K. Walsh, X. Zhou, M. Hajibabaei, S. Shokralla, D. Bradley, S. Liu, M. Christmas, and S. Creer* 
    2018. Molecular Ecology Resources 18(5): 1020-1034.

    MER Editorial Pick


  8. Analysis of TCRβ and TCRγ genes in Chinese alligator provides insights into the evolution of TCR genes in jawed vertebrates
    Wang, X.#, P. Wang#, R. Wang, C. Wang, J. Bai, C. Ke, D. Yu, K. Li, Y. Ma, H. Han, Y. Zhao, X. Zhou*, and L. Ren*
    2018. Developmental and Comparative Immunology 85: 31-43.


  9. New data, same story: phylogenomics does not support Syrphoidea (Diptera: Syrphidae, Pipunculidae)
    Pauli, T.*, T. O. Burt, K. Meusemann, K. Bayless, A. Donath, L. Podsiadlowski, C. Mayer, A. Kozlov, A. Vasilikopoulos, S. Liu, X. Zhou, D. Yeates, B. Misof, R. S. Peters, and X. Mengual*
    2018. Systematic Entomology 43(3):447-459


  10. Characterization of viral RNA splicing using whole-transcriptome datasets from host species
    Zhou, C., S. Liu, W. Song, S. Luo, G. Meng, C. Yang, H. Yang, J. Ma, L. Wang, S. Gao, J. Wang, H. Yang, Y. Zhao*, H. Wang*, and X. Zhou*
    2018. Scientific Reports 8:3273.


  11. Epithelial Hes1 maintains gut homeostasis by preventing microbial dysbiosis
    Guo, X. K., J. Ou, S. Liang, X. Zhou and X. Hu*
    2018. Mucosal Immunology 11: 716-726. 


  12. A phylogenomic analysis of lichen-feeding tiger moths uncovers evolutionary origins of host chemical sequestration
    Chialvo, C. H. S.*, P. Chialvo, J. D. Holland, T. J. Anderson, J. W. Breinholt, A. Y. Kawahara, X. Zhou, S. Liu, and J. M. Zaspel
    2018. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 121: 23-34.


  13. Transcriptome sequence-based phylogeny of chalcidoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) reveals a history of rapid radiations, convergence, and evolutionary success
    Peters*, R. S., O. Niehuis, S. Gunkel, M. Bläser, C. Mayer, L. Podsiadlowski, A. Kozlov, A. Donath, K. Meusemann, S. van Noort, S. Liu, X. Zhou, B. Misof, J. Heraty, and L. Krogmann*
    2018. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 120: 286-296.


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