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  • Pollinator diversity, pollination services and conservation in agroecosystem: progresses and challenges in China
    Shi, X., D. Huang, H. Xu, Z. Ren, Y. Lu, J. An, Y. Zou, Y. Liu, F. Ouyang, D. Chesters, J. Mu, C. He, A. Luo, Q. Zhou, Z. Niu, X. Zhou, L. Zhao, M. Martini, C. Ma, W. Cheng, C. Xia, M. Orr, W. Peng, and C. Zhu*
    2024. Integrative Conservation. In press.


  • A review on recent taxonomic updates of gut bacteria associated with social bees, with a curated genomic reference database
    ​Yang, C., J. Hu, Q. Su, Z. Zhang, Y. Du, J. Wang, H. Sun, B. Han, J. Tang, L. Guo, H. Li, W. Cai, H. Zheng, X. Zhou*, and X. Zhang*
    2024. Insect Science


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