Diversity of insect viruses revealed by 1243 1KITE transcriptomes

1KITE-Virus Käfer, S.#, S. Paraskevopoulou#, F. Zirkel, N. Wieseke, A. Donath, M. Petersen, T. C. Jones, S. Liu, X. Zhou, M. Middendorf, S. Junglen*, B. Misof*, C. Drosten*. 2019. Re-assessing the diversity of negative strand RNA viruses in insects. PLOS Pathogens. PDF Abstract: The spectrum of viruses in insects is important for subjects as diverse as public health, veterinary medicine, food production, and biodiversity conservation. The traditional interest in vector-borne diseases of humans and livestock has drawn the attention of virus studies to hematophagous insect species. However, these represent only a tiny fraction of the broad diversity of Hexapoda, the most speciose group of anim

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