1KITE: Dermaptera

Wipfler, B., W. Koehler, P. B. Frandsen, A. Donath, S. Liu, R. Machida, B. Misof, R. S. Peters, S. Shimizu, X. Zhou, and S. Simon. 2020. Phylogenomics changes our understanding about earwig evolution. Systematic Entomology 61:113–11. https://doi.org/10.1111/syen.12420 Abstract. Earwigs are one of the comparatively species-poor insect orders. Although various aspects of the phylogeny of this lineage are poorly understood, before the present study, there was a general consensus that Dermaptera comprises two major lineages: the paraphyletic Protodermaptera or ‘lower earwigs’ and the monophyletic Epidermaptera or ‘higher earwigs’, which are nested within the former. Our phylogenomic study based

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