Multi-gene phylogeny reveals case lost in the caddisflies

Contrary to a recent molecular phylogeny study, our new study suggested that Annulipalpia (retreat makers) formed the basal lineage of the caddisflies, implying that these aquatic insects were equipped with case-building capability when they split from their terrestrial sibling - Lepidoptera. The placement of "Spicipalpia" to the base of Integripalpia would indicate that some caddisflies (namely Hydrobiosidae and Rhyacophilidae) lost their cases as an adaptation to fast-running waters. Thomas, J. A. *, P. B. Frandsen, E. Prendini, X. Zhou, and R. Holzenthal. 2020. A multigene phylogeny and timeline for Trichoptera (Insecta). Systematic Entomology. PDF https://doi.org/10.1111/syen.12422 Abstr

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